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“Guffaw” Make a little noise!

Guffaw CigarsAs my friends know, I have enjoyed the world of cigars for many years. In that time, I came to find that my favorite cigar experiences had some common themes…a smooth draw…an incredible aroma…and some friends to enjoy it with. 

I am pleased and proud to announce that my friends in the Dominican Republic, Vivonte Cigars in Puerto Plata on the northern coast of the country have developed a “GUFFAW” inspired cigar for everyone to enjoy. It embodies my experiences and draws us in to deliver an incredible cigar experience. 

My friend Glen Hamilton, owner of Vivonte Cigars, and I were talking cigars one day and I suppose my passion was clear. We talked about my time as a professional hockey player a, The Philadelphia Flyers, other sports and my cigar experiences. It became clear that a new cigar creation was in our future. I am pleased to announce that through that meeting, we now have a licensed my trademark GUFFAW(TM) to Vivionte to bring the idea to reality.

Glen and I worked with some of the finest ingredients in the world to create a blend that is our premier GUFFAW. The cigar is a 56 x 5” Robusto Gordo made with carefully hand-selected premium ingredients from the one of the finest growers in the world. The rich wrapper is a Corojo Ecuador while the fillers are a blend of the finest Dominican and Cuban secos and ligeros. The resulting flavor is a medium body with a smooth and rich flavor. I am proud to introduce the GUFFAW Robusto Gordo to represent the spirit of GUFFAW and the passion with which I played the game of hockey for so many years. 

Welcome to the taste of “Guffaw” Celebrate and Enjoy “Guffaw”




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