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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Fore for Pets

August 25, 2011 | In: Breaking News |

Brian Propp attended the SPCA Fore for Pets on July 21st that raised $91,954.

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The NHS Human Services Foundation receives Largest Single Donation from OfficeMax.

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The Atlantic division is amongst the toughest and most competitive in the NHL year in and year out. Over the last twenty years an Atlantic team has won the Eastern Conference and represented the east in the Stanley Cup Finals eleven times. That proves the consistent excellence the division boasts and all signs point to the trend continuing. The Flyers made the most dramatic roster changes this off season, but the group of division rivals have added pieces and tinkered with their teams as well. The bitter battles and historical rivalries should make the race for the division crown an interesting one that will make every head to head battle...

Brian Propp interview with CenterIceNews.com

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